Best note-taking apps – Step up your note game ( digital notes)


As the name explains itself, taking notes digitally is known as digital notes.

Advantages of making notes digitally

i) easy to access
ii) save space
iii) light backpack
iv) conservation of resources
v) saves money

A lot of students all around the world are switching from making notes in traditional way to the digital era. As mentioned above, there are quite a lot of benefits to it. But as we think of making notes on our laptop one question bugs us all.


Well, me being a person who likes to make notes like a crazy monster had this doubt of ” Which digital notes apps should I choose?” And in search of my answer, I went through almost every other video and article.

What I concluded from it was that different people would like different apps. It depends on one’s needs.

So here is the list of apps which I personally used and would totally recommend :

1. One-Note ( I use this one)

One-Note is a classic one. If you like to handwrite your notes ( like me *same pinch* ) I’d totally recommend one note. It is easy to access and much easier to work on. [download here]

note taking apps

Some great features are

  • Sticky Notes
  • Page Templates
  • Custom Tags
  • Internal Links
  • Version History
  • Split and Merge Containers
  • Translate Text or Entire Page
  • Sort Pages in OneNote

2. Evernote

note taking apps

I have used Evernote for a certain period of time too. And I would say it’s one of the best digital notes taking apps if you have an internet connection 24/7. You can access offline if you take a premium membership. [ download here ]

Some great features are

  • Web clipping support
  • Edit rich text and sketches
  • Mobile and Web interface
  • Geolocation
  • Store notes, web clips, files, and images
  • Content available on any device
  • Web clipper browser extensions
  • Save online resources in one place
  • Grab whole web page: text, images, and links
  • Snap photos, record audio, save documents
  • Share notes and collaborate on files
  • Save favorite webpages
  • Store all itineraries, confirmations, travel documents
  • Evernote Food for collecting food moments
  • Other products include Skitch and Penultimate
  • Evernote Clearly for clearing web content
  • Annotation and markup
  • Shapes, arrows, and quick sketches
  • Give feedback and share ideas
  • Sketch on a page and sync notes to any device

3. Drawboard pdf

drawboard pdf

I would recommend this app if you get a lot of e-books or e-notes. You can edit here, highlight words, and a lot more. [ download here ]

Some great features are

  • The digital pen feels like real ink.
  • Text review tools.
  • Insert shapes and objects.
  • Choose between Radial Menu or Tools Drawer.
  • Create blank documents and insert blank pages.
  • Favorites bar.

These are the top 3 apps that you can use to make your note-taking habit much more fun. If you have any other apps in your mind then do comment down below.



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