New Education Policy 2020: Highlights

New Education Policy 2020: Highlights

Hello folks! The new education system is here. Am feeling a bit jealous of my juniors. So far, the policy looks good. If you want to know the POINT OF VIEW OF STUDENTS ( CLICK HERE ).

Personally, am happy with the new education policy. Now the time only will tell how much of it will be implemented in the future.

I, as a student always wished for some of these policies at some point in my life. For instance, I really like that now the students of class 6 would be able to learn code. That would help them a lot in the future.

Although, a bit worried about the common entrance exam. Let’s see where that will go.

Another thing I liked was that from session 2021 students would be able to experiment and try new courses too.


  • School complexes used for adult education courses after school hours
  • More focus on job studies in school- level
  • NIOS to develop a high-quality course for Indian Sign Language
  • Preschool section in Kendriya Vidyalayas
  • NCC wings in secondary and higher secondary schools
  • Free boarding means in JNV
  • Unit for digital and online learning
  • National Scholarship for SC, ST, OBC, SDGs students will be expanded
  • Minimum qualification for teaching – 4 years integrated B.Ed degree
  • HECI- Common regulated body for entire higher education
  • Various new means for children with disabilities
  • GDP of the education sector will be 6%
  • Bagless days encouraged
  • Three languages learned by children will be the choice of state, regions, and students
  • The medium of instruction will be the local/ regional language
  • Indian Sign Language regulate across the country
  • No hard separation of streams for students
  • innovative learning in all stage
  • Content will focus on the idea, application, problem- solving
  • Curriculum content reduced
  • NIOS, to offer courses for grades 3,5 and 8
  • Nutrition and health cards
  • regular health check-ups for school students
  • National Mission on Foundation Literacy
  • Numeracy set up bu MHRD
  • Early childhood care and education curriculum
  • Preparation class Balavatika for children below the age of 5
  • Tech-based option for adult learning through apps, TV channels, ETC
  • Variable models for board exams – annual, semester, modular exams
  • NTA to offer common entrance exam
  • 360-degree report card for students
  • Importance of the board exam reduced
  • The exam conducted twice a year
  • Coding taught from class 6 onwards
  • National Curricular and educational framework
  • Financial freedom is given to 45K combined colleges

68 thoughts on “New Education Policy 2020: Highlights

  1. Shivi Upadhyay Reply

    Looking at the whole info is making me realise that these policies would actually help in the betterment of the system and students. But lets wait until implementation.

  2. Ankita Reply

    Congo….but humlog passout hochuke h….but anyways
    Bhut he aacha hua ab jake

  3. gitanjali tripathi Reply

    This summarised version helped me to understand that better.
    And actually jealous of juniors now!!

  4. Sonia Reply

    Wow, you explained everything altogether. Great work. Keep it up

  5. Mmn Reply

    That is a nice summary of the new education policy and lets see how much of it is going to be given importance and properly followed by schools 🙂 ✌

  6. gitanjali tripathi Reply

    Your summarised version helped me to understand this new policy.
    And actually jealous of our juniors.

  7. Sonam Gupta Reply

    Grate work!
    You have highlighted so mamy things that were not known to me and thos is so helpful to understand the new education policy.

  8. Tarun Srivastava Reply

    It’s a great step for future….
    I just understand everything about this policy
    The way you have summarise is amazing……

  9. Namrata patel Reply

    Great work bro ..u explained every thing..I bet everyone feel little bit jealous after this policy😂
    Hme 10 tk bhi coding nhi sikhayi gyi thi…so glad for new generation❤️

  10. Achyutam Rai Reply

    Nice work Simran!!
    Helped me understand the new education policy a lot better.

  11. Navpreet singh Reply

    I wish they would have done this sooner when we were in school too 😂 but great initiative. Hope students gets the best out of it.

  12. Madhu Reply

    I was in search of this information and here, i go as you’ve got me the whole information.
    Thanks darling; keep going like this, people may find it a way useful thing.

  13. Shivam Agrawal Reply

    Awesome job at compiling all these and researching so properly about all the rules and changes, a really good time saver and helpful for students

  14. Shubham Srivastava Reply

    All the information stated in a compact and easy way… It will be easy for everyone to just read some points rather than some paragraphs……..
    It will be very useful for juniors, as now govt is making them shift from cramming to real world studies

  15. Roshan singh Reply

    It is very helpful and i hope for the best for you and for the students who are going to study under this new and excellent policy. Keep going❣

  16. Avantika Reply

    Firstly… I really Appreciate ur efforts…….
    I’m really glad for this new education policy
    It’s helpful for future……great step for new generations.

  17. AYESHA Reply

    Nice one and you really help everyone to understand this policy , gonna appreciate u for ur work simran . And also little bit jealous to our juniors

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