New Education Policy 2020: WHAT DO STUDENTS THINK?

Hello folks! How are you holding up with THE NEW EDUCATION POLICY? This will affect us the most. So I asked my juniors and seniors about policy. Therefore, the title WHAT DO STUDENTS THINK.

If you want to know about the policy (click here ) I have summarized everything for better understanding.


NEELESH SINGH ( Chico Creative )

There’s a certain thing that our education system lacks and that is making the students hungry for knowledge, I’m not gonna go full-blown 3 idiots Rancho on you but his points were feasible. I have a problem with the exam system, which hasn’t been solved by the new policy. However, decorated their new performance card may be. At the end of the day, it will just test the ability of the students to remember things. That’s not learning.
So it’s imperative that we pass such new policies with a litmus test of sense and practicality. They say you can now take political science with chemistry for your higher studies. That sounds cool but is it?

ROHAN SINGH (@scrumptious_fetishes)

I am really happy about the change. As students will now have a lot of flexibility in choosing subjects. People won’t be disgraced on the basis of their subject choices
A person can take psychology and bio together just like what I wanted to take
Indian government for the first time working on some real issues like education
The yearly education budget has also been increased by so that’s amazing

NUPUR TIWARI ( currently studying in KV )

I feel its really helpful for the upcoming generation and for us as well…. It aimed betterment and what I feel that it will really work…….after knowing the whole policy I feel this is something for the wholesome development of a child.

SONAM GUPTA ( Pursuing )

For me, the best thing is our credits of graduation semesters will be stored in academic bank of credit which we can use for further education if we drop from the current graduation degree. So the efforts that we made till then will not be wasted.
And applying computer learning from class 6th is a great move. Because it becomes very difficult to compete after school with others without knowing this thing.
And it’s very important to make them learn HTML CSS java in school.

SHRUTI SRIVASTAVA (foodgasm_with_shrucasm)


I think it’s a good step. It all depends on the implementation now
Because it is going to face backlash. Teachers might not be willing to change
Same goes for the colleges as the draft mentions about capping college fees too
Proper implementation is going to take years
But if done correctly. It is going to be great for future kids.

SHIVI UPADHYAY ( shivi upadhyay)

In my view, the new policy on education would potentially carry pros for lower-level education not only to students but also to the program. 
The idea of using a local language or mother tongue in primary schools will give us a basic understanding of our country.
I am a little concerned about the idea of a common university entrance exam but let that be till its implemented.

SHIVANGI SINGH ( @nish_i27 )

Hey about the new education policy I think it’s cool it would train young minds more …they would start learning programming languages….n they would learn different languages too …n lastly I think they would find studies to be more fun n interesting


These features would uplift the youth of the country. It is planned on the basis of taking India to triple-level as compared to the current times by 2035, which is huge in itself.

KISHORE ( @atiium )

Important stuff like evolution, reproduction are cut down in biology also some environmental topics but overall, in my opinion, this whole looks good to me.

ABYSEK ARYA ( selfless for yourself )

So, I think its a good thing that our education policy has changed and yeah it will be really helpful. But in the beginning, students will feel a bit uncomfortable to get a grasp on it. Eventually, they will be okay.
Like I always thought that what if I can study psychology in place of MATH in my college days along with PCB. I didn’t get too, but I’m happy and excited that now it can happen to our juniors.
So, I hope everyone accepts it with an open mind and try to make things work for them.

ANAMIKA SHARMA ( pursuing )

I think its very good and a fresh change that was very much required because of the changing era and the world heading towards many technological advancements
And most importantly the liberty was lacking in the existing education system which according to the new one looks quite satisfactory because of the new educational guidelines.

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