Pythagoras Cup: Why people call it the Greedy Cup?

We all know the famous Greek mathematician Pythagoras and his major contribution to the mathematics field. But what you don’t know is he was a smart teacher. He loved to prank his students and most supposedly teach them a listen or two. Pythagoras was reportedly the mastermind behind the Pythagoras Cup ( the greedy cup ).

pythagoras cup

” The art of living happily is to live in present “

— Pythagoras

What is the Greedy Cup?

The cup is based on genius designs and to date leaves a lot of artists and engineers in awe.

Pythagoras was a man keen on making lessons. He has achieved a lot in his life and was very talented —- he was a clever vessel designer —-

On the outside, this cup looks just like any other normal cup. But if you cut half-open vertically you’d realize this cup is different in all sorts of ways.

the pythagoras cup

A Pythagorean cup seems like a traditional Dixie cup. Except that the bowl features a central column in it, giving it a shape sort of a Bundt pan. Gravity then creates a siphon through the central column, causing the whole contents of the cup to be emptied through the opening at rock bottom of the stem.

When the cup is filled, the liquid rises through the second pipe up to the chamber at the highest of the central column, following Pascal’s principle of communicating vessels. As long because the level of the liquid doesn’t rise beyond the extent of the chamber, the cup functions as normal. If the extent rises further, however, the liquid spills through the chamber into the primary pipe and out of rock bottom. Gravity then creates a siphon through the central column, causing the whole contents of the cup to be emptied through the opening at rock bottom of the stem. The latest toilets operate an equivalent principle. When the water level within the bowl rises high enough, a siphon is made, emptying the bowl.

Do you think was it clever? Well, I think so.


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